Adeline, can you summarize your career path?

I have a Master’s degree in HR from the CESI group. I joined T&S in September 2009 as part of my HR Master’s degree as a recruitment officer.

After the validation of my degree, I was recruited by T&S as HR Manager. During the last 11 years, my missions consisted, with my team, in developing the HR strategy of the group by working on two main levers: recruitment and career management of our employees. As a real Business Partner with the managers, we work every day on the performance of the Group, which is achieved through the development of employees within the group and their projection. After different organizations in terms of management perimeter, I have been leading the HR Engineering France team for the last years. At the end of 2020, I expressed the wish to take up a new challenge within the group after almost 12 years on very operational functions. After a few months, a handover made with Cheima HAMMI (former IT Manager) who takes over this role, I now take my new functions of HR Development Manager.

What are your new missions?

We are currently creating a new department: Talent Development with Mickael Brandstetter. The objective of this department is to work on the performance cycle, training and career development of the three business verticals present within the group: Consultants, Managers and Support Functions.

Through the creation of this department, we wish to strengthen the skills and career development of our different actors in the group with a view to building loyalty and performance. This will complement the work carried out by our HR and Training team in terms of HR monitoring and training. We will have to work with these people on a daily basis to refine the roadmap and the projects to be implemented.

How do you feel about this professional evolution?

This evolution came at the right time in my career. I loved my first 12 years: they were dense but rich and allowed me to learn a lot about the HR function. As the Group has grown so much, despite a similar job title, my missions and objectives have changed a lot over the years. I now needed a new challenge, while capitalizing on what I have learned in the field. I am therefore looking forward to a new challenge and to bring (and learn) new things within the group, (but not without a little apprehension). I will just have to wait a few more months before I can fully work in this new role…

What major difference do you see in your daily life?

I think that the major difference lies in the fact that before I was very reactive, whereas from now on I will be more proactive and anticipatory. This position will allow me to work in project mode, to “take the time” to implement well thought-out actions with high added value for the group and the employees. The roadmap is just as rich as the previous one, so I won’t be bored

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