How were your beginnings at T&S?

I started working as a Developer consultant and acquired quite a valuable experience which led me to T&S at the end of 2019. But nothing happened has expected. I was supposed to join a customer when he officialised a redundancy plan. A wrong timing which changed the course of my career because T&S offered me a great opportunity : developing a new Engineering office in Lyon from scratch.

What led you to accept this challenge?

At first, I was looking for a lower position as a ‘Junior Project Manager’. I was surprisingly offered more which is quite rare nowadays. Becoming an Engineering Office Manager means having at least 15 years of experience. It’s a real choice and an HR vision here at T&S to entrust people with a similar background as mine, to give them a chance sooner at a real career springboard.

How did this transition go?

I started from a blank page. Everything had to be done. It was quite challenging! We were only 2 when we started working for the first client we won after 3 months. Soon after, we were 7 and now we’re 22 Team members! The office is centred around Embedded Systems and skill sets directly involved alongside (Elec, SW, HW). I have lots of responsibilities and a more holistic overview on our office long term vision and technical positioning, plus a team to manage, a unique client to satisfy and commercial expectations to meet. I have strategic decisions to take. I intervene on crucial matters concerning both our office and other revolving projects outside my perimeter.

One last word?

I truly want to continue by T&S’ side for years to come. I want to ensure the long-term development and profitability of this office. And because possibilities seem limitless here, I hope I’ll be able to build new Engineering offices while convincing other clients to trust us! I am truly holding the keys of my professional journey, which is rare in big consulting firms!

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