Kahina, tell us about your background

I have worked in the recruitment field for a few years before joining T&S in June 2018. After two years as an HR Team Leader, I wanted and needed a career change. A new boost with challenging stakes and more responsibilities, which I found through the creation of my new position as a Diversity and Inclusion Talent Leader!

What is your new job about?

I have many objectives to fulfil. On the one hand, I have to implement a policy in favor of equity in terms of job opportunities (disability, equity between men & women, etc). On the other hand, I have to deploy our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach at a group level. It was both thrilling and challenging at the same time because I started from a blank page. Everything had to be put in place. This is exactly the opportunity I was looking for in my professional life. I’m learning a lot and I’m using this knowledge to implement commitments in favour of diversity. Adeline Mourolin (HR Manager France) and Virginie Groussard (HR VP) really created a tailored-made job in line with my professional aspirations.

How do you feel about this career move?

Very positive! I found a new personal and professional balance. Everything went smoothly and for that, I am very lucky. Now that I have all cards in hand to succeed, I want to demonstrate my added value through results, to show T&S was right to trust me. The development possibilities are endless and I thank the Group once again for giving me this opportunity!

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