Senior Consultant, working for T&S since 2010.

Matthieu, what is your background?

I grew up at a time when the computer world was booming (Amstrad, Thomson TO7/MO5, PC…) and in a world where technology has become unavoidable and I naturally moved towards a course of study with a predominantly electronic focus. After passing my Bac STI and my BTS in electronics option, I continued my studies to become an engineer in electronics and embedded systems. I was thus able to bring my expertise to large, highly renowned groups.

What do you like most about your job?

Above all, I like to make my contribution on major projects and be a cornerstone in the realization of these projects. I also like to bring an external vision and different solutions to the problems encountered by the client. This can be done either by applying a different method (to compensate for the obsolescence of certain processes) or by proposing new tools (bringing my knowledge on new and growing technological solutions). I like to be able to step back and bring new solutions and perspectives to the client.

What is your best memory/ your best project within T&S?

It is difficult for me to pick just one project within T&S, they have all been a source of evolution for me both personally and professionally. I have, in fact, contributed to projects with high added value where I have been able to bring both my rigour and my expertise but where I have also been able to improve my work, in the organisation and management of teams and projects.

One last word

After 10 years of working with T&S, I was able to enrich myself professionally with projects in correlation with my skills and to work in large companies both nationally and internationally (especially in Germany). T&S is a company open to the international market allowing consultants to go beyond their limits by opening up new horizons.

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