Quality coordinator, works for T&S since March 2018

Maxime, what is your academic background?

In high school, I chose to specialize in finance and accounting. I then completed my studies with a DUT GEA (Companies and Administration management) in Schiltigheim. Through my experiences, I realized that this career path was not the best fit for me.

The people I met allowed me to discover the organizational quality branch. I thus went on with a professional bachelor’s degree in “Business Management through Quality” in Haguenau, followed by a Master’s degree in “Quality, Health and Safety”.

How did you hear about T&S?

I came across T&S group during my Master-internship. I had never worked before in a service company; it was a real opportunity for me. I was responsible for updating and maintaining the ISO 9001 certification and the action plan process, updating data on our Intranet and anticipating the company’s risks and opportunities.

Then, in the same framework, I completed my last year of Master’s degree with a work-study program at T&S. My missions were more extensive: customer satisfaction surveys and associated actions, ISO 9001 certification audit but also internal audits, updating the process map workflow… My thesis was about “resistance to change in a context of external growth”. This piece of work was rewarding and valued by the board.

What are the factors that motivated you to continue your T&S journey?

What made me pursue my T&S adventure was definitely the focus on skill development, the interaction with all the departments and the work environment. Moreover, my tasks were in keeping with those discovered during my Master’s degree, only adding transversal projects such as the development of internal tools, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approaches or the animation of internal training courses for example. It is an enriching and developing sector. The atmosphere and the dynamics within the teams, as well as the various events, is the cherry on top.

What’s your daily challenge?

Improving the company’s processes through the anticipation of change and implementing specific actions to attain the objectives, that’s my challenge.

For this to happen, it is necessary to retrieve data for the development of projects and in particular to be able to work with everyone’s agenda.

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