Operations Director IT, works for T&S since July 2020

Michaël, what’s your background?

First of all, I have a scientific background with a master’s degree in molecular biochemistry which I completed with a master’s degree in NTIC 20 years ago. That allowed me to start in the IT business as a web developer in a startup. Very quickly, I joined the world of NSEs where I moved on to the job of project manager. I obtained a master’s degree in IT project management which opened the doors of project management to me.

Then I worked with Carmen Boisramé, who gave me a chance to work in sales positions almost 10 years ago, and then moved on to agency management.

At the same time, I joined various IT-related entities as deputy regional director of Syntec Numérique, member of the board of directors of Numérique Emploi Grand Est and Lycée René Cassin, and member of the territorial committee of EPA (Entreprendre Pour Apprendre).

Why did you choose T&S Group?

For the company’s influence and image, the challenges to be taken up and to join a team that I knew already and with which I very much wanted to work.

What do you like most in your job?

Diversity, movement, innovation and meeting new people.

A last word?

“There are many ways not to succeed, but the safest way is to never take risks.” (Benjamin Franklin)

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