Consultant, working for T&S since September 2011

I joined T&S in September 2011. My main objective when I joined the company was to combine my work and my passion for the automobile by working in the field of vehicle testing and tuning. After 6 years of living from my passion, I still wish to remain in this field which I still enjoy as much as ever while continuing to develop the responsibilities that are entrusted to me in parallel in the company. The group has really allowed me to live from my passion. First of all through the projects that have been entrusted to me in the field that I am passionate about, namely vehicle dynamic testing. Secondly, by helping me to practice my passion outside of work, by becoming my partner in the Peugeot Sport championship in 2015 in the 208 Racing cup. When I arrived at the company, I immediately felt at home. I immediately appreciated this closeness to management and this recognition of the work carried out, which makes consultants feel truly involved in the life and success of the company, which greatly facilitates the development of their careers. Thanks to the group and the responsibilities that were entrusted to me as I went along, I was also able to touch on many areas that I would not have been able to do elsewhere. As I like to touch everything, I really appreciate this privilege which makes the days are not the same. Also, a big thank you to the group, and I hope we will have many more adventures together in the future.

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